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Stela 5 does NOT depict Lehi's Dream

"In the 48 years since Jakeman first concluded that Stela 5 represents Lehi's dream of the tree of life, major advancements have come about in the study of Mesoamerican art. Hundreds more monuments have been discovered and many of them have been analyzed in a detail that was impossible in the 1950s. It should not be surprising that these later studies would require changes in his interpretation as well as the interpretations of other scholars treating the material. His argument depended on interpreting the iconography of Stela 5. But this was seriously hampered by lack of a good pictorial representation of the scene on the stone. Major details were omitted or misdrawn in the rendering Jakeman used. A poor drawing is the equivalent of bad data. There is no way to arrive at a "correct" analysis using bad data. Unfortunately, because of the poor drawing, Jakeman saw things on the stone that are not there and missed many other features that are. In this he had company,…

The Book of Mormon Volcanoes

3 Nephi, Chapter 8 describes the destruction that occurred in the Americas, at the time of The Savior's death. Is the Book of Mormon describing a volcanic destruction? The description of the cataclysmic destruction in 3 Nephi corresponds to the kind of destruction caused by volcanic activity during the same time, in Mesoamerica.

The Kinderhook Plates Mystery


(2)“I have seen 6 brass plates which were found in Adams County. . . .President Joseph has translated a portion and says they contain the history of the person with whom they were found and he was a descendant of Ham through the loins of Pharaoh king of Egypt, and that he received his kingdom from the ruler of heaven and earth.” -William Clayton

(3)"ho e oop hah: Honor by birth, kingly powerby the line of Pharaoh, possession by birth, one who reigns upon his throne universally. Possession of heaven and earth, and of the blessings of the earth.” -GAEL pg 5

(4)"Another set of plates have been found in Pike county, in this State; they were dug out of a large mound, fifteen feet from the summit, by a company of persons, fifteen in number, who all affirm to the fact of their situation when found. There were six in number, about three inches in length, and two and a half broad at one end, and one inch broad at the other, being something of the form of a bell, about the sixt…

Anachronisms Prove Old Testament From 1600's

The following is a satirical allegory about anachronisms in the Book of Mormon. It is not meant to be offensive or insensitive. The whole point of this post is to illustrate that anachronisms do not a forgery make.
I have lost my testimony of the Bible, especially it's Old Testament. It's supposed to be the translation of ancient Jewish writings but I know it is no older than the 1600's. Now I know what you are going to say: You can travel to Jerusalem. You can travel to Egypt. You can travel to Babylon. Well, ever heard of the Crusades?
King James's ancestor, Richard the Lionheart, and who knows how many Europeans, did and they fought in those lands, perfect source material for King James.Why do I reject the "Old" Young Testament as an ancient Jewish work and know it is a modern fiction from the 1600's? One word: ANACHRONISMS. An anachronism is something out of place in time, and the so-called Old Testament has many of them.
Ancient Israelites didn&…

Fundamentalist Assumptions and The Limits of Archaeology in Testing the Book of Mormon

Some questions that many have about the Book of Mormon and archaeology or genetics are questions, in part, created by oversimplified and fundamentalist assumptions about the Prophet Joseph Smith and scripture. Some of these assumptions were pronounced by the earliest Mormons and passed on as folklore.

One of these fundamentalist assumptions is that the Book of Mormon is a history of the Indians, that Indians are simply "dark skinned Jews". Forget that the books in the Book of Mormon are royal lineage histories. In each lineage history, the record focuses on the elites of one royal house, with little attention given to the rank and file. Forget that the book's own internal geography describes an area the size of Pennsylvania, not North and South America. It never was a history of the Indians, even if Mormons said it was.

Another fundamentalist assumption is that the Lehites and Jaredites represent distinct cultures and civilizations, apart, alone in ancient America. This…

The Blade of Averroes

I want to discuss my own personal hermeneutic method, which I have taken from Averroes. Averroes(Ibn Rushd) was a Muslim philosopher, physician and astronomer from Cordoba, Spain. He had a theory for interpreting the Quran, which I call "The Blade of Averroes". I have adopted this "blade" to interpret the scriptures in my own religion. It works for me.

Averroes believed the Quran was the revealed word of God; he was also a scientist or sorts. In his Fasal al-maqal, Averroes says: "If the apparent meaning of Scripture conflicts with demonstrative conclusions it must be interpreted allegorically." That is the blade of Averroes.

Simple enough, the problem many Mormons have had is that when a scientific discipline conflicts with the apparent meaning of scripture they throw away that scientific discipline, in order to retain their belief. Even worse, some have made the disastrous choice of forsaking their faith and the covenants they have made with God. This …