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Brant Gardner's List of Book of Mormon Evidences.

Brant Gardner is a consultant for a privately held software firm in New York. He has published articles on Nahuatl mythology and kinship and has formal training in Mesoamerican studies. The following list will be beneficial for those who know both the Book of Mormon and Mesoamerica very well. For those who don't, I recommend anything from John L. Sorenson and Michael Coe
Geospatial convergences Internal geography corresponds to a specific region in Mesoamerica
Book of Mormon has over 400 geographic references which are consistent in their interrelationships, both spatial and topological.
Sorenson’s correlation is best known. Poulsen’s is an important alternative using the same basic area, but resolving directional issues.
One set of references in Helaman may combine to point specifically to Teotihuacán
Relative relationships of Jaredite, Nephite and Lamanite territories.
The meeting of Mulekites and Nephites in the Grijalva River Valley is convergent with archaeological evidence of the…