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Book of Mormon Minimalists and the NHM Inscriptions: A Response to Dan Vogel

Abstract: Biblical “minimalists” have sought to undermine or de-emphasize the significance of the Tel Dan inscription attesting to the existence of the “house of David.” Similarly, those who might be called Book of Mormon “minimalists” such as Dan Vogel have marshaled evidence to try to make the nhm inscriptions from south Arabia, corresponding to the Book of Mormon Nahom, seem as irrelevant as possible. We show why the nhm inscriptions still stand as impressive evidence for the historicity of the Book of Mormon.

Read the whole thing at Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.

The Cultural Context of Nephite Apostasy

Read it here, at The Interpreter.

Zarahemla and Pompei: Volcanoes in the Book of Mormon

In 3 Nephi 8, we can read about the destructions that signaled the death of Jesus Christ, to the Nephites in ancient America. The above awesome video, which is worth a watch for it's own sake,is a recreation of the destruction that took place at Pompei; it can be found at the Museum Victoria website. Is the destruction in 3 Nephi 8 a volcanic one? I will leave that for the reader to decide; read 3 Nephi 8 then watch the video. If it is a volcanic destruction then that is a very strong clue as to where the Book of Mormon takes place.