The Book of Mormon In History and As History

The first video on this post is that of Paul Senll, wherein he describes where the events and people described in Book of Mormon most likely took place and lived. Senll's model is an updating of Sorenson's and this presentation is a great explanation of it.
Once the setting is set, the second video is that of Brant Gardner, who I think, along with Mark Wright, is doing the best writing on the Book of Mormon's historicity. If the Book of Mormon is the translation of an ancient text, readings based on 19th century American culture will only give us understanding of it's 19th century American translation layer. But what about the original cultural context of the gold plates(?), the original setting in time and place?

In this post, once Senll sets the place, Gardner then uses it as a lens through which to read the book, with illuminating results. For those who understand Mesoamerica  AND the Book of Mormon, the two cannot be separated form each other. They are telling the same story.