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Five Popular "Evidences" for The Book of Mormon That Should Be Forgotten

If the Lord wanted The Book of Mormon to be proven true by secular means then He would have done that by now. The following are examples of what happens when we forget that. The problems with the following "evidences" vary but they all have one thing in common: trying to find a "smoking gun" that proves the book true. As always, much of this post is cut and paste, mostly from Brant Gardner, Ugo Perego and others. 
Stela 5 = Lehi's Tree of Life Vision M. Wells Jakeman interpreted Izapa Stela 5 as not only a tree of life, but as a detailed representation of the Lehi’s dream of the tree of life. The possibility of a tangible artifact specifically related to the Book of Mormon fired the imagination of the general LDS community. In spite of the continuing popularity of what has also been called the Lehi Stone, Hugh Nibley argued against Jakeman’s correlations.
 As better drawings of the eroded stela have become available, and as the scenes on the stela are compared t…