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The Amlicite War as Peasant Revolt: Class Warefare in The Book of Mormon

Disclaimer: the purpose of this post is NOT to "prove" the Book of Mormon true. The purpose of this post is to understand the book better, as well as it's author, by treating it as the real history it purports to be. 

As Grant Hardy has pointed out, Mormon had three competing priorities when writing his history, three roles he was trying to fulfill: historian, writer and moralist.

In this post, I will show how historian gave way to moralist by showing that the Amlicite War was as much a class war, a peasant revolt(?) as it was a religious war. Also, the discontentment with new inequalities in Nephite society are partly responsible for the universalist eschatology of the Nehors and their support for their would be king, Amlici.

In the past, I have argued for Sorenson's basic paradigm for Book of Mormon history, which Olmec Jaredites in the "land northward", Zoquen Nephites in the central depression of Chiapas and Mayan Lamanites in the "land southward&q…

Lightening and Resurrection

When studying ancient religious texts, like the Bible, scholars use the religious texts of contemporary and neighboring cultures, as an interpretive lens. The deciphering of Akkadian and Sumerian have been a boon for the understanding of the Old Testament. Dr. David Bokovoy said it best:

Without Babel there would be no Bible. I'm convinced that a familiarity with Akkadian and the literary sources from ancient Mesopotamia, for example, are just as important for properly understanding the Bible (especially the Pentateuch) as a knowledge of Hebrew and Aramaic.

The same thing applies for the Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon was written in Mesoamerica then Mayan sources can play a role in interpreting the text, as an interpretive lens. The following is Dr. Mark Alan Wright's very brief description of Mayan theology:

A central tenet of ancient Maya theology was that the maize god died, was buried, and was resurrected when lightning cracked open the surface of the earth, which wa…